Sports & Team Photos

There is one thing the photo must contain, the humanity of the moment!

We Offer Sport for Schools

We offer sport photographs for schools!!! We do not charge the schools or sport team! We just ask that you work with us on coordinating a date, order forms will be sent home BEFORE the shoot so parents can go over them and see what they would like. We please ask that you return any order forms not used. If it is an out of town shoot we ask that there be at least 15 players on the team to pay for the expense of travel!

Anything over 100 miles we ask that there be at least 100 players on the team to pay for travel expense!

We look forward to doing your Sport Portrait for your Team!!

We Offer SPECIAL Sports In Studio

These photographs are going to be with fire, smoke and special lighting and also the color lighting to your school colors. These are great photographs to have especially when committed to a sport as a youngster, teen or even adult.

We offer it for lots of different sports! Please inquire! Starts at $150